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UK property investing: our services


This is where we guide you through the first important steps of your property investment journey:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the market
  2. Examine in detail what’s on offer
  3. Decide what might be right for you

During this period, we can provide:

  • UK Property investment performance analysis
  • Specialist sector performance analysis
  • Detailed reports on every property in our portfolio, including sector, location, plans/photos and developer information
  • Explanations on the fundamentals of our property investment approach

This information, in conjunction with an in depth one-to-one consultation, will help you make a more informed investment decision.

Due diligence

You will receive comprehensive Investor Reports and due diligence documents, along with other useful information to assist your decision making process.

We will also make sure that local experts and site developers are available to talk you through the property, detail all the specifics and explain the reasons for choosing the particular location.

Investor Reports

We know every property in our portfolio inside out, and we gather all our knowledge into a downloadable Investor Report, which includes:

  • Key research
  • Reasons to invest
  • Sector performance
  • Location report (including detailed maps)
  • Financial information
  • Plans and photos
  • Purchase process

This report gives you an introduction into all the key elements of a property investment. After this, you can direct any outstanding queries to your consultant.


Emerging Property’s consultants have a zero hard sell policy, with all discussions focused on enhancing your knowledge and understanding, as well determining what property investment approach will work best for you.

We encourage all of our clients to communicate directly, via phone or email, to one of our consultants as early as possible. They are best placed to answer all your questions and help you to determine what property investment approach is right for you.

Property management

Every detail, every day

As soon as you complete your purchase, you can leave the rest to us and our partner onsite management team, which is responsible for:

  • Ensuring occupancy
  • Maintenance and repairs – preventative and proactive
  • Security
  • Rent collection

This is all part of the service and has no impact whatsoever on your fixed high yield income. There is absolutely nothing else you as the owner need to do.

You do, however, always maintain full control over your capital, and are free to resell at any time.

Site visits

Although we believe our online information is as good as it can be, sometimes you simply have to see the property for yourself.

We are always happy to ensure that local managers and site developers are on hand to walk you through and explain all key aspects of our developments. In the case of fully operational properties, you could even talk to the management team or tenants.

Currency conversion

We can help you to secure better exchange rates than you’ll find at banks and other institutions. That rate can be locked and become the set rate for all remaining payments. If you need to transfer funds to or from the UK, we can help you through the process.

Legal representation

If you don’t have your own advisors, we can recommend local experts to guide you through the legal and taxation responsibilities.

Our independent specialist property lawyer will provide a fixed price professional service if required.

Taxation and accountancy

We strongly advise you to be aware of the tax implications of any property investment. We can introduce you to our specialist taxation law partners, who will advise you of your responsibilities, including:

  • Inheritance tax
  • Liabilities related to your purchase
  • Capital from offshore accounts

Our partner accountants are a medium-sized regional firm, so for a sub-London fee you can seek the very best advice on capital gains, corporation and income tax.

After-sales care

Once you have reserved a property, we will continue to be available for any consultation or assistance you may need.

On new builds, you’ll be kept fully up-to-date on progress via regular construction reports and photos.

A solicitor will confirm architect sign-off of each stage prior to the corresponding payment.

And, when the property is complete, we’re always happy to help wherever we can. We’ll also put you on our priority list to keep you fully abreast of any new properties, with exclusive offers.

Selling your property

High yields, long term fixed income contracts, sustained demand, unparalleled buyer security and the hands-off nature of our properties mean that they will maintain their appeal for decades to come.

You will benefit from fully flexible resale options, with healthy capital growth potential; these options can be exercised at any time during the 10-year period.

If you wish to sell, we are happy to advise you on a suitable capital growth target, in order to maximise profits and attract a new buyer.

We can help find new buyers within, on average, four to six weeks –  with offices in London and Dubai, we are constantly communicating with active buyers all over the world. The level of targeted capital growth has a bearing on the speed of your sale.

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