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7 ways Emerging Property will ease your investment journey

Dec 4, 2018

Whether you’re a first-time investor or the holder of a substantial property portfolio, it’s always good to have some expert third-party assistance and advice before you commit – especially if it’s free.

In this article we’ll look at the ways Emerging Property can smooth your path to sector-high yields and substantial capital growth, such as:

  1. In-depth research and due diligence
  2. Unlimited one-to-one expert consultations
  3. Site visits and construction updates
  4. Introductions to financial and legal specialists
  5. Simple purchase process
  6. Total management for a passive income
  7. Resale assistance

1. First, find your property

Unless you’re looking in your immediate neighbourhood, it can be challenging even to know where to start looking for a property investment.

Market conditions vary enormously from town to town, and identifying these variations can be very time-consuming.

And as we all know, time is money.

Our approach is to take care of all this legwork so you don’t need to do any of it.

Alongside our vastly experienced developer partners, we handpick specific properties in selected locations based on a range of criteria, including among many others:

  • Long-term demand/supply imbalance
  • Accessibility
  • Onsite and local amenities/facilities
  • Rental revenue history and projections
  • Property price trends past, present and future
  • Area regeneration programmes
  • Local economy

We collect all this important information and much more into a comprehensive yet concise Investor Report.

All the properties on our website have their own report; you can download any that interest you there and then.

2. Any questions?

After you’ve read your chosen Investor Report(s), you’re more than likely to have one or two points you’d like to have clarified, whether it’s about the property itself, the different sectors available or about property investment in general.

Many people are less than eager to make a cold call to a consultant; they worry they’re going to be on the receiving end of a sales pitch or that their question might make them look silly.

So we prefer it when our potential clients invite us to make contact with them at a time which suits them best via a call back request.

Our consultants are experts with a real enthusiasm for property; all they want to do is share their knowledge with you so you can be clear about your overall goals and reach an informed decision as to how to achieve them.

They are not interested in hard-sell.

And with thousands of people scattered all over the globe getting in touch with us, we know there is no such thing as a silly question. Our consultants are very comfortable with zero client knowledge of the UK property market, and if English isn’t your first language no problem – they are very patient and practiced in explaining things clearly and simply.

They will give you their own dedicated private phone number as well, so if you need to ask or talk further, you can – there are no restrictions.

3. See for yourself

Although property investment is meant to be a scientific, unemotional business, it sometimes helps to see and touch the physical bricks and mortar.

Whichever property appeals to you, your consultant can always arrange a site visit for you; if the property is under construction, they will arrange a suitable (and safe) time to visit. If it’s operational, they’ll find a time and a date when you can see the property in action without disrupting the occupants unduly.

In both cases, you will be able to meet key individuals involved in the construction and/or operation of the development.

Off-plan investments will be backed up by regular photo updates charting build progress.

4. Financial and legal advice

As you get closer to making a decision, it’s important to be fully aware of the financial and legal implications related to your specific circumstances.

If you’re an overseas resident, you may need up-to-the-minute fixed-fee guidance about current tax conditions from a UK-based property accountancy specialist.

Wherever you’re based, if you’re looking to finance your purchase with a mortgage (where permissible), we recommend you speak to a specialist mortgage broker, who will be legally obliged to put your interests first – a bank’s sole priority will be its repayments.

It is also possible to secure preferable exchange rates.

All properties are offered subject to a fixed legal fee which covers initial, impartial advice and all the paperwork necessary for a smooth purchase. You are, of course, perfectly free to use your own legal advisors, but this may take longer – and cost more.

Your Emerging Property consultant will be happy to make the appropriate introductions to trusted partners for all these services.

5. Purchase made easy

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with an investment, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much easier we’ve made it to actually buy compared with your home, for instance.

Typically, there will be just 5 simple steps:

  • Pay a reservation deposit (usually £5,000 but this can vary)
  • Within 3-5 days, you will receive a contract to sign
  • On exchange, you will pay a further 10% (minus deposit)
  • On completion, you pay the balance
  • You sign the operating agreement

Then all you have to do is wait for your income to arrive in your bank account each month, quarter or biannually depending on the property.

Most of your simple paperwork can be done online, but some hard copies will be needed, such as ID and the signed contract. The UK’s money-laundering controls may require certain financial details to be supplied – this is standard procedure.

For UK properties, your leasehold ownership title will be forwarded to the Land Registry who will complete your documentation in due course.

Our after sales consultants will always be there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

6. Sit back and enjoy a hands-off, effortless income

None of our properties require any operational input from their owners – ever.

We arrange for every conceivable aspect to be covered on your behalf by our management partners; marketing, letting, rental setting/collecting, maintenance, repair, replacements – everything.

There will be no further costs whatsoever.

Our serviced apartments, student properties and care homes are all managed onsite 24/7.

Buy-to-let apartments are comprehensively and inclusively run by our specialist residential operator partners. They offer owners access to an advanced interactive property performance real time tracking system.

7. Optimum resale terms

The very nature of our properties makes them very attractive at resale – proven performance, passive income and ongoing demand will tick a lot of boxes on a new buyer’s wish list.

But access to a global network of committed investors will vastly improve your prospects of a swift sale with maximum capital growth.

With offices in London and Dubai, thousands of satisfied clients worldwide and real estate contacts in all major markets, we would be delighted to assist you at a very competitive rate.

Next steps

Browse our website; not just the available property investments, but go to the Insights section as well to find out more about the principles of property investing.

As we’ve mentioned, cold-calling isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, so you can arrange a call back for whenever you find convenient.

If you prefer, you can break the ice via e-mail and see how it goes from there.

Remember, nobody will try to sell you anything – all we want to do is be of help.

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