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8-12% NET fixed for 10 years: a formula for unrivalled investor security

Jul 18, 2017

Buy-to-let landlords can’t even be certain what they’re going to earn this year, let alone what their property will yield in 2027.

No wonder some of them look at our 8-12% NET income fixed for 10 years approach with a degree of disbelief.

But when we explain how we do it, they soon accept that there isn’t a catch; it’s simply an attractive consequence of our proven and unique business model – here’s how it works.

A different class of developer

Property developers can occasionally get a bad press. It’s true, there are one or two opportunists keen to make as much money up front as they can, resulting in artificially high initial purchase prices, short fixed income terms and maybe a few corners cut during construction.

This is why some investors can be somewhat sceptical about the purpose built student accommodation sector as a whole; but not all developers are the same.

Happy to play the long game

Property investing advice in the UK

We are the exclusive partners and master agents of an NHBC award-winning developer of some 16 years standing.

Together, we have successfully brought 20 student and serviced apartment developments to market, all using the same distinctive strategy that works for developer and investors alike.

The secret is long-term thinking. Untypically for the sector, our partners are committed to all of our properties for the long haul.

By retaining the freehold of each one and offering pre-contracted 10-year fixed income terms, they are relying on steady rental income growth far into the future to make their profit – not an upfront smash and grab.

A triple whammy for our investors

Not only does this assure you of a generous regular income, it also means the developer is obliged to deliver a build of the highest quality, which must then be managed to the most rigorous standards. With a professional team onsite 24/7, this will relieve you of all ownership responsibilities and maintain the asset’s appeal for many years to come.

It also means that for the 10-year fixed period the developer, also the freeholder, effectively becomes your tenant – and no tenant could look after your property better.

It is this perfect alignment of interests that cements the relationship between freeholder and leaseholder, developer and investor which is unique in the sector.

It’s a win-win for you, the hands-off owner of a long leasehold which you can sell on any time you choose.

And it becomes a win-win-win at resale because the fully transferable fixed income period allows you to offer potential buyers very attractive yields, at the same time as setting your own level of capital growth up to as much as 40%.

A unique 10-year warranty

This commitment to the long term future of the property puts us and our developer in the exceptional position of being able to back up all new builds with an independent 10-year warranty.

This provides our investors with an unprecedented degree of reassurance.

What next?

We have a range of properties in both the student and serviced apartment sectors. All offer 10 years fixed NET income of 8-12% and are fully managed on your behalf with no further costs during that time.

Have a browse through them, then have a chat with one of our consultants about the most effortless, stress-free investment you could ever make.


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