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Construction Update: The Foundry (Phase II) Student Property

The Foundry (Phase II) Student Property investment
Jun 6, 2017

*this is an update to an article that was first published 27th October 2016

The Foundry (Phase II): construction timeline

Detailed construction updates and images of The Foundry (Phase II), our purpose built student property in Loughborough.

The Foundry (Phase II): key dates for buyers

This new build 120-unit development is being constructed adjacent to the initial phase, which has been operational since 2008.

It will include an excellent range of onsite facilities, such as a gym, cinema and study centre.

The property is a short walk from Loughborough University – the most popular first choice for prospective UK students. The appeal of this Top 10 university ensures high demand in a critically undersupplied city.

The Foundry (Phase II): CGI of development


Construction timeline

6th June 2017

  • Starting to drop scaffolding on Block A
  • Furniture and floor covering going into Block A
  • Block A on track to be completed end June, Block C mid-July and Block B end July

4th May 2017

  • Block A’s 2nd fix electrical, heating and plumbing commencing this week
  • Block B’s 1st fix electrical, heating and plumbing will be completed within a week
  • Block C ready for 2nd fix electrical, heating and plumbing to commence
  • External render work complete and brick work around 50% complete
  • Bedroom and kitchen furniture to be installed over the next few weeks
  • Block A’s scaffolding coming down next week and incoming electrical supply will be installed in a few weeks

3rd March 2017

  • Roof fort Block B and C expected by week ending 24th March
  • Internal fix electrical, heating and plumbing progressing well
  • Started to apply the external render

31st January 2017

  • Block A at roof height
  • Waterproofing of roof nearly complete
  • Block B one floor away from roof height
  • Block C at ground level
  • 1st fix electrical, heating and plumbing in progress

6th December 2016 

The Foundry (Phase II): 6th December 2016 construction update

  • Installation of timber frame progressing well

1st December 2016

The Foundry (Phase II): 1st December 2016 construction update

  • Cross laminated timber hoisted into place on the ground floor
  • As a load bearing frame, no scaffolding is required

29th November 2016

The Foundry (Phase II): 29th November 2016 construction update

  • Piling 100% complete
  • Cross laminated timber arriving on site
  • Construction of Block A estimated to reach roof height in 2 weeks
  • Construction of Block B estimated to reach 3rd floor level in 2 weeks
  • Ground beams and floor slab for Block C will be installed over next few weeks

24th November 2016

The Foundry (Phase II): 24th November 2016 construction update

  • Foundation work completed for Blocks A and B
  • Estimated completion of Block C foundation work in December
  • Crane assembled on site in preparation for installing cross laminated timber

27th October 2016

The Foundry (Phase II): 27th October 2016 construction update

  • Piling and metal cage supports for the foundations nearing completion


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