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How does Purpose Built Student Accommodation work for all stakeholders?

How does Purpose Built Student Accommodation benefit all stakeholders?
Jul 15, 2016

Developed for the specific needs of today’s university student, Purpose Built Student Accommodation has proved the highest yielding UK property sector for three years in a row (Knight Frank).


Welcomed by everyone involved


It’s popular with students, as it is comfortably furnished, well equipped and offers excellent onsite facilities. Its prime, close-to-campus location puts it in the middle of a large student community for the ideal balance between socialising and studying.


It’s popular with universities because the days of university-built halls of residence are long gone; they’re simply unaffordable for institutional budgets. PBSA allows the universities to attract the best students and to concentrate on their academic priorities.

Purpose Built Student Accommodation facilities

Local authorities

It’s popular with local authorities who are under severe pressure with a predicted housing shortfall of one million by 2020. Buy to let properties for student rental and occupation don’t earn them any council tax and are increasingly seen to be socially unjust. Furthermore, PBSA revitalises run-down areas across the UK.

Local residents

It’s popular with local residents who see an increase in the availability of family accommodation and an easing in premium rental prices, as students have the option to rent accommodation that is built with them in mind.


And it’s popular with investors, not because PBSA delivers higher yields than buy to let but, because it’s professionally managed onsite 24/7 and requires no effort on their part. Demand is assured because of a critical undersupply of student rental rooms, with only 26% of students having access to PBSA on average.

To learn more about how investing in PBSA could benefit you, get in touch with us!


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