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Infographic: Leicester student property investment facts

Infographic Leicester student property investment facts
Apr 27, 2015

Student property investments in Leicester

This infographic illustrates the key features that make Leicester an attractive investment location for student property.

Discover Tudor Studios, our Purpose Built Student Accommodation in Leicester.

Why choose Leicester?


Less than 1 hour from London, with around 60 trains to London every day, and 2 airports within a 40-minute drive.


Leicestershire’s economy is worth £19 billion, with £3 billion recent investment in the city centre and an £18 million Local Growth Fund awarded for further development.


2 leading universities with more than 50,000 students and a large overseas student population. The University of Leicester is in the top 2% of universities in the world, while De Montford University is in the top 40 for student experience. Both universities are undergoing redevelopment, with £55 million being spent on campus redevlopment at the University of Leicester and £135 million being spent at De Montford.


Leicester has a population of 329,839, with 16% of these students. 4,300 residential properties used by students in 2013. With an average of 6.4 students per dedicated room, there is critical demand for purpose built student accommodation.

Discover Tudor Studios, our Purpose Built Student Accommodation in Leicester.


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