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Property investments with no experience required

Effortless UK property investments
Nov 4, 2016

Watching some of the property shows on television, you’d be forgiven for thinking that investing in property is the exclusive preserve of professional developers, builders, accomplished DIYers or, at the very least, people with a plumber in the family.

But, although they make for entertaining viewing, the budget overspends, the planning fiascos, the total ignorance of due diligence and the regular scheduling disasters put a lot of ordinary, sensible people off.

This is a shame, because a good property investment can provide a decent income and a significant capital growth opportunity.

There is another way to profit from property

Hassle-free UK property investments

But buying, owning and running a rental property doesn’t have to be all about spreadsheets, and late night phone calls from locked-out tenants.

There are lucrative off-plan and operational property investment opportunities in two of the more recent but most successful property sectors – Purpose Built Student Accommodation and Serviced Apartments.

We and our developer partner are specialists in both these key property investment sectors.

We’ve done the research for you

All our properties are in handpicked locations, where we have found solid evidence of unsatisfied demand and critical undersupply.

They have been designed to meet the most exacting criteria of their prospective tenants.

They are in thriving, vibrant centres, where resident and visitor numbers have been and still are on long-term upward trajectories.

They are located where people need them to be.

Comprehensive property management

All our properties are managed 24/7 by onsite teams of professionals.

Not only do they look after all the maintenance and repairs on your property, they are also responsible for letting, vetting and rent collection.

You own the leasehold

Our developer retains the freehold of the properties and has appointed the management company to run them, so your leasehold (usually 120-250 years) represents a resaleable asset with no freeholder responsibilities.

8-12% NET yields: every year for 10 years

UK Serviced Apartments property investment

A good income and, best of all, an effortless one. Every quarter, payment will be made automatically into the bank account of your choice.

The fixed income period is fully transferable to a new buyer at any time should you decide to sell.

The price you see is the price you pay

Beyond the purchase price, there will be no further charges of any kind throughout the 10-year fixed income period.

No maintenance, no utilities, no service charges, nothing.

No Stamp Duty below £150,000 – no Capital Gains

Our properties are classified as commercial property, and so are free from the tax penalties incurred by residential Buy-to-Lets.

We’ll help you sell

If and when you decide it’s time to sell, we are in regular contact with a global network of investors, who are always on the lookout for this type of property.

We usually reckon to find a new buyer within 4-6 weeks.

Ask us anything you like

Property investment is a major step, but it doesn’t have to be complicated either at purchase or at resale – or at any point in between.

Have a word with one of our consultants – they operate to a strict no hard sell policy, and they know the market and our properties inside out.

View our available UK property investments.


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